02 / Dec / 2021

The POPAI Awards Paris 2021 – A catalyst for Success

The POPAI Awards Paris 2021 – A catalyst for Success
The POPAI Awards Paris is something special for us.
It’s a competition recognized around the world as the largest showcase of achievements in the point-of-sale marketing industry.
Simply, the POPAI FRANCE Awards is a catalyst for success… and, we won not one, but TWO AWARDS!
But we’re even more enthusiastic and humble about the award because it’s the recognition of those who really matter, our clients.
We’ve been working with them closely for years to address their needs and develop concepts tailored specifically for their business challenges.

The result?
More than ever before, retail brands know that we understand them, and we see things from their perspective.
And they know they can TRUST us.
These awards prove that we’re doing a great job.
Thank you all and see you next year!
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